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Athlon 950 T-bird Slot A with Soyo SY-K7VIA, what happens?

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New Member
Jan 16, 2001
I have friend that bought a combo deal from Tigerdirect. What he received was an Athlon 950 Slot A T-bird and the Soyo K7VIA (KX133 chipset)mobo. He installed the mobo, properly installed a dual fan heat sink (shipped with the processor) and then installed the processor in the mobo. Upon power-up nothing happened, no video, just p/s fans and heat sink fans came on. I determined that the proc is a T-bird and AMD says that it won't work with the KX133 mobo. My friend has since bought a 550 K7 classic Athlon, but when it is installed in the mobo, the same result; p/s fans, heat sink fans, nothing else.

Did the T-bird damage the mobo and vice versa to the T-bird?
Your friend will probably investigate hardware compatibility before he opens his wallet in the future. I usually do, but the lure of retail therapy does bite once in a while.
I only have experience with Soyo 5EHM's. Both died, one quickly, the other needed a year. Soyo mainboards are crappy. Avoid them. Try to RMA the board, it is probably at fault in this case. Good luck.
We have determined that the motherboard was DOA. It is being returned and a Gigabyte 7IXE has been ordered.