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Athlon cooler for non O&#39C System

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Kent, UK
I'm building a Gig Athlon system for a mate, and was wondering if a Coolermaster "DP5-6H51" would be suffcient cooling for non-OC'd Gig T-bird?


I've got a YS Tech 60mm floating about my place. I could slap it on and charge a fiver more for building it.
I don't think so. Even at spec, T-Birds are very hot CPU's. While a 27 cfm YSTech will be a noticeable improvement over the weenie excuse for a ~15mm fan shown in your pic, it won't help. Why? Heatsink mass is even more important than the fan's cfm capability.

In other words, putting a 38 cfm Delta noise monster on the HS in the pic still won't cool the CPU adequately. I know this from experience. Buy a real HSF, OK?
Any recommendations?

FOP32? It's gonna sit in their living room, so they don't really want a noisy Delta (I KNOW HOW NOISY THEY ARE!!- you have to shout to hear yourself think. :¬)} )

I don't think the budget would stretch to an Alpha.

Any recomendations?

PS. I got Artic Silver Goop, and am well versed in the black art of lapping :¬)}
I'm with Mark, the FOP32 is one of the best without being god awful loud, the FOP38 is slightly better, but if i had it all to do over again id skip the delta fan, its REAL loud...
Cheers Mike.

I'm pondering the Tai-Sol CGK742092 also. The board they're getting is the ECS K7VZA- shown in the attachment. [img="[URL]http://forums.overclockers.ws/UltraBoard/Public/Uploads/Post-5-1223-product_18993.jpg[/URL]"] It's cheap but it does everything they want it to do.

My problem is would the TaiSol overhang anything, and would anything get in they way on the board?