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Athlon XP 2100+ @ 166mhz FSB? Asus A7V333 mobo...

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New Member
Mar 27, 2002
Althon 2100+ @ 166 FSB
I hope this isn't a really stupid question...

I recently ordered the following parts, and have been thinking about the best possible setup for them all.

AMD Athlon XP 2100+ w/ heatsink and fan)
Asus A7V333 Via KT333 SktA DDR333, ATA/133, USB2.0,AGP4xATX MB
2x256MB Corsair PC2700, 2.0 CAS
Leadtek WinFast A250 TD GeForce4 Ti 4400 128MB DDR
Lian Li Aluminum PC-61 PC Case (Black)
Antec PP412X 400W Fan-Cooled ATX Power Supply
2x Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB 120GB EIDE ATA/100 7200RPM
NEC NR-7900A 24x10x40 E-IDE CD-RW Drive
Windows XP Pro

Anyway... blew a ton of cash.

I was thinking about not overclocking this system yet, but was really wondering about how I could take full advantage of the ultra-fast DDR333 memory by being able to run both the memory clock and FSB @166mhz. Otherwise I am stuck at 166/133 respectively. Less than optimal, and with potential latency problems. Further, the KT333 chipset supports both synchronous and asynchronous memory when the FSB is @166mhz, which would be a huge plus. So, it seem the limiting factor is the Athlon XP chip.

But, (and here is where I need real help), I was wondering if I could do the following trick:

1. Unlock the Athlon multiplier alla THG's method, and lower it from 13.0 to 10.5.
2. Increase the FSB from 133mhz to 166mhz.

This increases the internal clock speed of the CPU from 1.73 ghz to 1.75 ghz... less than 1% increase. Heat won't increase dramatically. But, will I fry the CPU b/c I am @166?

I know the Asus mobo can handle it, and I think the southbridge of the mobo allows setting the PCI bus and HDs to some fixed amount, limiting problems with the OCing. Can the video card handle the increase (via AGP)? I would imagine that it could.

Am I totally off base here? I think I am, but I just don't know exactly why!

Thanks in advance!~J
Jaybird23 said:
Asus A7V333 Via KT333

I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything, but why? The KT333 boards are going to go out of style faster than murdering your parents for money, to make way for the newer, faster KT400. And I don't mean we'll see them in like 6 months or 4 months, but in like 2 months, maybe sooner.

As for your question, I don't think you'll fry your chip @ 166, but I don't know if your chip would take the super high FSB. But it can't hurt to try! :cool:
Try unlocking your 2100 first. They are super hard to unlock. I wouldn't risk it since it involves cutting the surface of the processor.
AudiMan said:
Try unlocking your 2100 first. They are super hard to unlock. I wouldn't risk it since it involves cutting the surface of the processor.

At least not till they're cheaper.:D
Read that the other day. If I had one I would be really hesitant to do it however...given time...same old.:)
The new ones have a lot of character too! I love the Overclocked Carrera! (911 Turbo) Those things rock.