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Athlon XP 2400+ easiest unlock

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New Member
Nov 20, 2002
Just got Athlon XP 2400+ AIUCB on Gigabyte 7VAXP, and used the thin telephone copper wire inserted in the ziff socket 462 and boom the CPU is unlocked took me 20 sec to do it :)
Been running it at 12.5X175 for 6hrs of testing rock stable, default voltage.
Will try to go higher tomorrow.
That is with GF4
Very nice.

Now, since thats a 2400+, you should be able to hit 2.3GHz bo problem. Lets see some benches at 2.3GHz :)

BTW, Congrats on that nice CPU bro.

hi gamingarena,

where can i read in detail about this unlocking process?can you give me a link?
question, is there any pics showing the position of the coper wire? i'd like to know where to wire it
Hey gamingarena, I've got a 2100+. How did you unlock it with telephone copper wire? God, I've had so much trouble trying to unlock my old 1800+ with that damn highspeedpc.com kit and finally I got ****ed off and fried it (on accident of course :D), hence my having to buy a 2100+.

I have got to find out a way to do it with solid stuff, not liquid crap that can get all over the place.