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AthlonXP 2800+ with 512KB

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hehee support upto 2800 mobile :)
will be a year or more since the highest is a 2000 mobile now.
we will have hammers and such by then.and a 2800 mobile will seem slow.

but id liek to have a 2800 tbred now pls?
looks like a typo to me. Although amd did ship the T-bred a's to OEM's and mobile builders first so anything is possible.
Who said it had to be a MOBILE chip?? --Alienware uses regular P4's up to 2.8 gHz in ther laptops.--

Perhaps they didnt mean mobile when they wrote it....
but the main thing is that it is compatible with processors up to 512kb of cache and 2800+ speeds
"Support up to Mobile AMD 512K Cache 2800+"

that doesnt mean that it comes with the 2800
that doesnt mean you can just take the laptop apart, and put a 2800+ in there either..id say it comes with one. and seeing as how its in chinese or some mandrin language, they might have the bartons before we do.
It is just saying what CPUs it can use as others have said... read the lines after the xp2800 part... here is a quote:

Mobile AMD Athlon XP 35/45W Processors with OPGA, 462 Socket, Support up to Mobile AMD 512K Cache 2800+ Mobile AMD Athlon 4 35W Processors 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 GHz
Mobile AMD Duron 900/950/1000/1100/1200/1300 MHz
FSB 200/266 MHz

You see? It can also support Tbirds and durons...
Good call guys....

I like most other buyers didnt read it as complete as we should have. Its prolly just a marketing trick to get customers to buy it.

Thats my idea.