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ATI 8500 or Giga-byte 8500LE

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Mar 22, 2002
Well what are your thoughts? Newegg has 8500 for $152 and the gigabyte for $146...

With the massive heatsink/fan on the gigabyte is there greater overclocking potential or should I just skip it and go with the boring ole 8500 ;-)

suggestions? anyone have the gigabyte board? likes? disklikes?


Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001
different cards

Depends on what matters to you...

I've read that the Gigabyte LE won't clock as high as the retail 8500's average overclock, though it can get higher than default retail clock speeds. It has hardware monitoring and comes with a bunch of nice, older games. I also heard that even at lower clock speeds, it gets better 3dmarks than a higher clocked retail card. It's hard to generalize about this card's performance though, since its so new.

The retail card comes with fewer games, costs a bit more, and will need cooling mods ($) for really good overclocking. It has higher quality memory and better overclocking potential than the Gigabyte LE version.

Just wait until the true 8500 from Gigabyte comes out, the non-LE... that card should pretty much rock!!!