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ATI Radeon 9700 flicker

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New Member
Jun 23, 2002
I thought I will slove my gaming problems if I build a P4 2.53 512 DDR RAM and ATI RADEON 9700 but I guess I was wrong. When I play Wolfenstien or Medal of Honor I get that flicker. I can't change the refresh rate for 3D not sure how? I wanted to try different settings. Shadows of torches hanged on the wall move unreallistically. When I shoot someone sometimes their blood floats in the air near a table. I am going nuts over here trying to figure it out. I got new drivers and still the same. In GTA 3 wiered things appear on the streets when driving it looks like a poll but sideways BTW, in 3D Mark I got 12285 and the graphics was flawless no glicthes! Any tips are appreciated

If you get service pack 1 for winXP it should solve the problem but I use refresh force to get rid of the 60hz gaming refresh rate prblem. Just make sure you have your monitor drivers installed before you run it.
Use Powerstrip or rage3d I think have another one for ATI. I have an ATI radeon 8500 and use powerstrip to set all the resolutions with their max refresh rate.

That should sort out ya problems!

Play in 1024 x768 with a perfect 120hz :)))
Add locking out to the list. Now it locks out when playing GTA3 and Battlefield. I am very disappointed in this card and I am going to return it for a Geforce 4. BTW, where can I get Rage3D? I might give it a last try.

Nooooooooooooo whatever you do DO NOT get a geforce 4. The radeon 9700 ownz the absolute **** outta it! Trust me! Go look around the web you will find no diffrent story ANYWHERE!!!

You can get Rage3d Tweak here...


Read the instructions it is not too hard you allocate a refresh rate to each resolution.