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ATI Radeon VE and Iwill KA266 ?????HELP

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New Member
Apr 22, 2001
I have been fighting this upgrade from DAY ONE. I have a ATI Radeon VE running (so times) in a Iwill KA266 w/1G@1333 10X133. I'm running WinME. I have had problems with everything it seems. If the screen saver stays on more then about 5mins the system freezes, If any of the power saver functions are enabled when they run the system freezes. Windows will not shut the computer off it gives you that old screen that said "It is now safe the turn your computer off" WE are using ATX now. Anyway Unreal crashes after any map is completed. I could go on but I won't. I have tried all I can think of Fdisked an old hard drive and started from scratch not OCing, Fail safe settings in the Bios. Any one had this combo and had problems. I am about to put a POS Quatum3d card in and see if that helps.
Ill have to think of your problem a bit before I can respond properly...

Are you sure its a Vid card or only the vid card though? THe shut off problem is in windows or the motherboard. Run MSCONFIG from the Run off the start bar, and click on the advanced tab on the first screen that pops up. Check or uncheck fast shut down and see if it helps that problem.

What drivers are you using, and what version of Directx are you using?

Make sure windows has the right moniter installed. When I built a computer for a friend, windows SE selected a moniter that would not do over 800x600, and would not switch to any other resolutions. If it id it crashed.
I'm using directx8 and the ati driver is 427 I think it's the latest except for a Beta that is not quite ready for release. I just put a old Quatam3d board in and am trying to install the driver for that. If my problem go away I'll say bye bye to the ATI and get a Geforse 2 something. not sure if the gts or ultar/pro. Thanks Ron