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ATI Tool artifact only with FurMark

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May 23, 2008
London, England
Has anyone seen this before?

I have a 9600 GT @ 820/1110 (stock 650/900) and it was ati tools "find artifact"-stable for 8 hours. But Crysis made my computer bluescreen a few times, and I wasn't sure if it's the OC or Crysis, so, just for fun, I tried running FurMark AT THE SAME TIME as ATI Tools, surprisingly it worked (slowed my computer down to a crawl), and ATI Tools detected an artifact after about 15 minutes.

First thing I suspected was temperature, since FurMark makes my card a lot hotter than ATI Tools alone can (60C vs 45C), but 60C (after a few hours of FurMark's "Xtreme Burning Mode" with or without 16x AA) should be fine, too.

So perhaps ATI Tools alone is not sufficient.

BTW I am using the Accelero L2 cooler. Really nice, and cheap.
It actually ran quite fine, at 1280x1024, all "gamer". Didn't look at the fps counter, but at least ~30 fps (no noticeable lag).
Turned it down to 810/1110. ATI Tool + FurMark + Orthos blend (just to heat things up even more, and stress the northbridge) 10 hours stable :).