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ATI trade up program

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New Member
Oct 25, 2002
Ottawa, ON
Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone here has used the trade up program that ATI offers online. I was thinking about doing so, but I just wanted some input from anyone who has done so. Did they give you good value on your old vid card? was it cheaper than buying at a store and selling your old card?



Jul 17, 2001
Denver, Colorado
I did plenty of research on it....

Basically, it's a waste of money, AND you lose a video card.

What you do is buy the card at a cheap price, and they add onto that price the smount of your refund for sending em a card. So if you buy a $100 card, and send a card worth $50, you end up paying $150. Once they get the card you send em, they will credit you the $50 back, so the new card cost only $100.

Problem is, once you factor in the outrageous shipping charges, it's cheaper just to buy the card at Newegg or something. Plus, you won't have to lose a video card. OR, you can sell that old card and put the $$ towards the new one, saving even more.