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Atjlon (original) cache setting

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Mar 5, 2002
Bellevue, WA
Athlon (original) cache setting

So, I finally got the nerve to remove my heat transfer case from my athlon 750 last night. This is after having the processor for about 8 months. Anyways, I learned that my k7-750 actually has a k7-950 core. That was a very happy surprise as I have heard that in some weeks there were 900 cores used, but never of 950s. I have been overclocking it since the day i got it, but have only been able to get it to 955 stable. Am pretty sure that it is the cache that is holding me back. So I have a few questions:

What can I reasonably expect to get out of the 950 core?

Where can I find Mathlon?
How do I solder to modify the cache settings? Explicit details needed on that...
Thank you,
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Not sure about the soldering bit but it looks as though you might not need to do any soldering. I don't have an orignal Athlon but it looks like the Mathlon program will allow you to alter the external cache multipler and hopefully achieve a higher overclock.

Good Luck! Keep us posted! :D
Yes, MAthlon works off a bootable floppy, You should get 1000 out of a 950 core...What is your cache running at right now?
It is running at default for a 750, which I am pretty sure is 1/2. The cache is supposed to only have a realistic limit of 350 mhz, so 1/2 seems about right.

*Just Updated*
Wow, you are good, without any voltage modifications, just setting my L2 to 1/3 with Mathlon, I was able to boot at the EXACTLY 1 gigahertz (111x9) that I am running right now. Tommorow I will change my voltages to see what I can pump out...
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What mobo are u using? I'm asking cause there are some mobos which let you change the chache devider in Bios...like my KA7 for example. Do you have good cooling on that CPU? Those suckers get hot at high voltages...
Alpha or Global Win produced the best HSF for Slot A CPU's

BTW: The cache of a SLOT A 750 is set at 2/5 by default
So I did not have to get mathlon and could have just used my KA7 drivers. Well, I feel more than a little stupid now...

Cooling? I have the GlobalWin "built like a brick and twice as heavy" cooler, and get up to 46 Celsius after intense 3D animation. That is a bit hot for comfort as I was running at 33 the other day. Am going to put more cooling on that chip today...

*update* I feel like an idiot, and I should know this, but I read the manual for the KA7, and I was only able to find how to turn the caches all the way off, how do I set them to different speeds?
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