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ATTENTION: new2overclocking

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Dec 22, 2000
Ummm...the other thread was too long...so I made a new post.
We want the best heatsink BECAUSE IT IS A HOBBY. 4c CAN be alot of difference, another reason we strive to stabilize case temps.
SO WHAT, you don't like it. Big deal. Nobody is making you overclock your computer or forsing you to buy a different heatsink. If you think 4c won't make a difference, then you really don't know that the F..K you are talking about. Newbie.

So get off the high horse, and let US do what we want. We don't care about ignorant, inexperienced, and less skilled people like you, insulting our hobbies.

***if I was as unhappy and sour about things in general as you are, I would just shoot myself and save the world some grief***
With such a fine Christian attitude, I doubt that you will get many replies. BTW, it's at the seventh trump and that’s almost at the end of the book.

Try a Swiftech unless you want to play with water.
Whoa....chill out rapture-man....new2 just has a different approach to oc'ing then the rest of us...

this board is about suggestions, ideas, postulates and such...everybody has their own beliefs and we shouldn't rip into the guy for stating 'em...

his post is vaguely comparable to the old " which is better? AMD or Intel?"
its mostly a personal preferance type deal...

I am pleased to say we finally agree on something!:)

I forgot to mention the copper HS Joe tested today.
I'm glad nobody treated me like that when I was a Newbie. Of course the Internet was not even locally available back when I was a Newbie.

But please, cool it a little. Let us strive toward civility here guys.
Blimey! soo much anger. I wonder what youd say about my good lady wife, she laughed her t*its off at me when i told her i was going to watercool my PC.
yep....it was a bit rude...hehe. Apologies to all. but man, that guy has not a clue it seems. Guess I just get a little fired up when people so vehemently argue AGAINST a subject they have no real experience with.

My posts are just rude in wording, I am not that rude in real life. Need to work on making the "pen" mirror the real person :)
Cool. Of the HS currently availble, the Swiftech 462 is the one.