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attention th7II owners

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phantom punisher

Jan 4, 2001
fort drum NY
it has come to my attention that the offical abit beta 77 bios may have defaulted the northwood p4s to 1.7 core voltage. if this is true it may be posible to compare it to the final release that stemed from this beta to see where the changes occur. this info would undoughtable work with all abit boards. please give me anything you know on the subject. as i dont own a th7 and only heard about this yesterday
I'm not sure about Abit 77 beta, but, when he was here Mr. N. had a bios that let core voltage go to 1.85v. I think it's a modded 40B.

If you can get a bios version that goes up to 1.75 or 1.8 V, I will be real happy, as my near vision isn't what it used to be. (and I'm to cheap to get new bifocals)

i need info. did it default the northwoods to 1.7 volts thus allowing the 1.85 volts or did it default them to 1.5 and still allow the 1.85 volts. any info you can give me no mater how small makes a big difference. yup the 40b is being disected and matched against the 7d
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Roadwarrior1956 said:
I used it and it defaulted to 1.5 but allowed 1.85, it worked fine other then cold boot problems. its not a bad bios
cool thank you, that points me in the right direction. id love to figure this out to impliment on my it7