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Atx PSU for benchtop powersupply- kind of

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Mar 18, 2015
Ive run across several sets of instructions for turning a psu into a bench top power supply for simple electronics projects. I have even seen a couple of "How-to" videos for supplying power to an Xbox 360.

This got me thinking...as I have recently salvaged a few OEM junk units I think they might be perfect for this sort of mod. I have got several gaming consoles ranging from old generation to barely modern and they take up alot of space on the wall. The amount of wall warts required (even with a power-strip) is unsightly and the wires drive me absolutely crazy. Some of you may see where this is going already, but for those who dont, I would like to mod an old psu to run all my game consoles (I will double check before making any cuts but I believe all are less than 12V). The problem is that all of the instructions only give options for creating 12V , 3.3V and 5V output. I will need odd numbers like 9V in some cases - which brings me to the point of this post: Can I make multiple 12V outputs and place a potentiometer (or something) on some of them to turn down the voltage to the appropriate level? It makes sense to me, but I like to double check these things if I can :) Thanks in advance