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Audigy Platinum eX problem on 8KHA+

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Iron Hawk

Jan 19, 2002
Groton, CT
Last night at 11:00 i booted up my computer and noticed that my right speaker, and right surround speaker were not working, I plugged my headphones into my external Audigy Drive, and the right speaker wasnt working, I played around with all of the settings, and could not get them to work. I figured that i should reinstall the sound card. so i did. then when i rebooted my computer, about 2 seconds before the WinXP logon screen would have poped up the computer restarted. I could load into windows under safe mode, but it would always restart istself if i tried to load windows normaly.

It was late so i decided id have better luck in the morning, so i went to bed. The next morning I ran into the same problem, so I decided to move the sound card to a different PCI slot. IT WORKED!

So its not the sound card it must be the slot on my Motherboard (EPoX 8KHA+).

Have any of you had experiances like this?
There is some info on the config you can read up on here. You'll have to scroll down through the thread a bit to get to the info you are looking for.
It looks like the sound card should be placed in PCI slot 3 or 5.

Hope this helps.

Did you get that water cooling going yet.
I think Dad will be impressed once he sees the set up. You have to admitt that water and electicity don't seem to sound like a good combo. But what a way to cool those AMD CPU's.

I've been thinking about water cooling myself--what kind of cooler did you go with?
Thanks, It has been in slot 2 for over a month and I havent had too many problems with it, when this error occured i moved it to slot three. Do you know why certain slots are better for certain devices? and does anyone know what slots other boards should go into (i.e. NIC, TV tuner, etc.)?
It's all in the link I posted above. There is a ton of info there to do with the config of the 8KHA+ board. Check it out.