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audio freaking out.. desperate for advice.

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Mar 3, 2008
this one has me absolutely -> :bang head

so, im watching an h264 encode the other day.. everything is fine, put on another.. all of the sudden i start to hear random skips and halts in the audio frames. very quick, nothing long. and happening relatively frequently. so typically, i thought it was the video. until i tried others, to which the problem didnt stop.

also tried different players, different audio filters, and all the hardware audio settings i could possibly contrive. note that this also happens during mp3 playback as well.

so typically, i assumed it was the soundcard (i mean, why wouldn't it be?).. so i contact auzentech, get an RMA# and everything, but in the meantime i tried my onboard sound card just to be sure.

sure enough, im getting the same damn audio skips and studders. out of nowhere!

is scaring me to think that my motherboard could be causing this, but it doesnt make sense.

so im throwing it out there..
any help, anything at all would be greatly appreciated.



Jul 5, 2005
Did you make sure your speaker connection is not loose or somehow loosing signal?

I doubt your sound card just quit, have you tried a reboot? LoL


Mar 3, 2008
im going to go ahead and close off this thread now.

my issue was the result of an EMI/EMF field caused by grounding to the chassis. I had my M/B on brass standoffs. I diagnosed this (as advised by Asus) by removing my MB and running it on a cardboard box. I reinstalled my MB on plastic standoff's and the problem hasnt come back since.

Hope this helps someone!