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Audio skip on Yamaha 2100S (16x10x40 SCSI CDRW)

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Kent, UK
I got a slight glitch with my SCSI CDRW, It's a Yammy 2100S (16 Write) SCSI jobbie.

When (legally) copying CDs (for use in my car - I'm RIAA aware) the copy skips at 1 minute 50 seconds, every time.

It's been doing this for a while now, and today, I actually got to taking it apart to see if there was anything physically wrong with it (i.e. dust clogging the runners, or something similar). I gave the runners a once-over with a dry cotton bud, and a bit of dirt came off. Whilst inside I also gave the visible compos a wipe around also with dry cotton buds, as I aint got me no canned air.

I put the drive back together, fitted it into my machine, slapped my CD laser cleaner in (in case I accidentally touched the lens), and tried again, and it's still skipping at 1:50.

I've got a 24x LG IDE burner that I *could* use, but the copies don't sound as clear as on the SCSI.

BTW, as a rule I don't burn audio at over 8x, and I've tried all speeds available and it's still does the 1:50 skip at 1x.

Ideas on a postcard pls....