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Audiophile sound cards??

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Oct 10, 2002
Dallas, TX
Is there such a beast??

I am looking for a sound card for my new PC, but wherever I look I get a choice of about 4. 2 of which are the Audigy and Audigy2!!

I will use it as part of a music production/recording system, so inputs/outputs are essential.

What I want to know is if there are companies out there manufacturing high-end sound cards.

It seems silly to me that you can go and buy high end (Krell/Mark Levinson/Audio Note) Hi-fi separates, but when it comes to sound cards I can only find the equivalent of a Pioneer/Sony/Kenwood (Audigy/Sonic Fury etc..)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT - just read this and would like to add that I have nothing against Sony/Pioneer etc and there is nothing wrong with them, it's just not what I'm looking for.
Hahahaha....it's sooooo refreshing to see someone who knows the good stuff in Krell and Mark Levinson.

As for audiophile sound cards, I have a few friends who are into the DJ'ing thing, and do a lot of mixing and editing on their computers. I just got a response to this post, and he gave me this link to check out.


I'll check with a few other people...I know one of them has a full soundboard sourced into his computer via a card like this.
Hi Mook, thanks for the reply.

I have a Krell Amp in my main system. Bloody amazing it is too!!

I actually DJ myself and want to use this for mixing and editing etc...

If you could find out any more, I'd be grateful.

I'll check out that link...

Here goes:

1. m-Audio:
a. Audiophile 24/96
b. Delta 44
c. Delta 66
d. Delta 1010

2. Terratec:
a. EWX 24/96
b. EWX 88
c. DMX Fire 24/96 /LT

3. RME Hammerfall

4. ESI
a. Waveterminal 24/96
b. Waveterminal 192 M/L/X

5. MOTU 2408

6. Digidesign Digi 001 and Digi 002

... among many, many others. Find, buy and lust at all of these guys here:


You'll have to look under 'computer recording' or 'PCI interfaces' in most places. It's a little tougher to find reviews for these cards, but a little hunting around will help. If you need opinions, one great place to ask questions is www.homerecording.com/bbs This is where I get great advice on pro homerecording...

Holler if you need anything else.
Thanks sangram, that's quite a list.

I'll check out those sites.

Does anyone know of a UK shop which stocks this sort of thing?

check the new aopen mobo, ì`m sure that if you search you`ll know what i mean
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thanks darkseid.

I'd seen that, but I need to be able to record as well, with lots of ins/outs.

Also, I've just bought a brand new IT7-MAX2 rev2, so I just need the card.

That does seem like an interesting idea though!!