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Average temperatures...respond!

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May 25, 2001
yeah so usually mine is at 100 but for right now i dont have any thermal grease and its at 130(very bad i know and i have great circulation too, but i am getting some soon :)) so yeah whats the average temps in your case for you guys? and whats the *danger* zone? and whos is the coolest ever?
just curious
i'm running 22C ambient and 28C under full load. the danger zone your in it! get some thermal compound and then come back before you fry that CPU of yours then i'll be glad to tell you whatever i can, i can hear that poor little proccesor screaming for help rite now.
my case temps depend heavily on the ambient room temp (duh!), and vary between about 17C at night to 25-26C in the day... that's in winter. much hotter in summer!! hot climates blow for overclocking.
well around 2c @ idle and no more then 10c under heavy cpu load.

SORRY, I was supposed to post my case temps. Well anywhere from 26c to 36c depending on wether or not I have my pc desk door open or closed.
But that is with all of my case fans at 7volts. I try not to run them at 12volts cause it's to damn loud!
24 ambient=31idle 43 load. Installing an Alpha / YS Tech 27 CFM this week. I will report results when done. Good idea for a thread.
*added* Oh CASE temps hmm... dunno but mobo is 2C above ambient at idle and 4c above ambient at load.
Well, my case temps are probably way over room temp...when I added my watercooling setup my case temp went up about 5-10C....cause my radiator is completely blocking the lower front intake area. Haven't gotten a chance to fix this yet...

Otherwise, my cpu loads at about +11C. I think I need some better flow for my radiator. Big time.
OK I installed the Alpha Pal 6035. I got 1 degree lower all around and it is much quieter than the 7500 RPM fan that came with the Step thermodynamics HSF and CPU package.
Case temp 23c, cpu temp 48 load, and 43c idle with a fop 32 and and 80mm piggybacked on top of it.

I hope your happy, i had to stop folding for all of five minutes to get that idle number =)
My case temp runs 2C above my room temp, which varies a few degrees above or below 20C. As I write this, my room is at 19.6C measured with a Type K thermocouple and my case temp is 21.5C, also measured with type K thermocouple and Fluke Digital Thermometer. I only have one case fan and it doubles as my HS fan. Currently, my CPU is running at 21.5C, but then reading and writing to this forum is not much of a load.

If I were you I wouldn't run that computer anymore until you get some thermal grease on the cpu. In the 486 and older days grease was optional, heck you could even get away with running a bare chip with no sink at all. Today with the heatload of modern cpu's grease is an absolute necesity. At least get some from the Shack no more then 2 bucks.

My cpu temps have been holding a pretty steady -15 degrees. Right now ambient is 24.
Well, before my PIII 800E packed up on Sunday,
Case temp was 21 c and cpu 25 c.
PIII 800 @ 900
My case temp is always about 1 degree over room temp and my CPU temp is always about 11-12 degrees over case temp. I know that with water cooling it should be lower but I haven't been able to figure out the problem yet. Right now my room temp it 22c, case temp is 23c, and CPU temp is 34c.
idle = 23C load = 34C Duron650@650 PSU fan, HSF and second exhust fan
at 715, 110 FSB It is 27C idle and 38C under load