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Average Water Cooling Temps

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New Member
Dec 19, 2000
Have just finished building a water cooling setup and have seen a dramatic improvement in temps over the stock heat sink fan set up. Air cooled idle temp used to be 36-38C with a full load temp that could reach into the mid 50's depending on the overclock. With the water cooling full load temp has never gone above 36C with an idle of 31C. I have noticed that the board/ambient idle temp is always about 8-9C below the cpu temp. They appear to track one another. Has anyone else noticed this? Without peltier action is this a resonable result for watercooling?
P3-700 sl45y cbo 1.65v @ 945
Asus Cusl2
Inno3d Geforce 2 mx hacked to Quadro 2mxr
Promise ultra 66 ide card
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Linksys 10/100nic
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Aureal A3d soundcard
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The usual floppy, mouse, removable hdd rack etc.
Those are near exact to the temps I get for my watercooled P3/geforce circuit, and from what I have read, appropriate for your setup.

Mine, cBo700@933, geforce ddr
Modified OCHideout copper block, alum. vid card block (Waterwetter to slow corrosion between Cu&Al)
Inline pump, 5x12" radiator with 4" 110v fan
Ditto. My watercooling rig dropped the temps 6-8C at idle and 12C under load. Yours sound about right.