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Avg. T-Bird 1gig temp? 15deg. diff. btw. Sys. and CPU?

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Feb 15, 2001
Does anyone know what the avg. CPU temp of a AMD T-Bird 1gig is?
Then is it correct that one wants less then a 15 degree Cel. diff between the sys. temp and the cpu temp?
What sould my sys temp be running at? even a ballpark fig. would help : )
Oh... What speed can I overclock 2?
Thank you for you time and help!
I wasn't running my 1GHz at 1GHz very long, but my system temp was at 22C, CPU idle temp was 34-35C and CPU max temp was 38-39. I then o/ced to 1.31GHz and was able to drop VCore to 1.65V so now CPU idle temp is 32-33C and after running SETI (command-line ver) all night it was 34-35C. My case is open at the moment and I'm using an Alpha PEP66 w/Delta 38CFM. Hope that helps.
ok thanks,
But what about the 15 degree diff between the system temp and the CPU temp? is it a good rule to fallow?
in my opinion nah as long as both are fairly cool you should be fine....just remember a heatsink can only be as cool as the air around it.....my diff is over 20c so.....you know i dont think it matters as long as both are cool but maybe someone dosent agree with me.