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Aww crap. No power - MB or PSU or ?

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Jul 1, 2002
Tampa, FL
Hello everybody,

I have a slight problem and I guess I need to explain what happened months ago first.

I built this PC in 8/2011 for bf3. There were no issues aside from the annoying ram heat sink clearance. Around the start of 2013 I was playing hitman absolution and noticed one day horrible frame drop (i no longer over clock, and havent really too much since my 1.6a days) I couldnt figure out my issue and pulled up core temp. Well it looked like a new sun was forming due to my h80 pump giving out, I shut down my pc. Installed the oem i5 2500k heatsink. All was was fine for several months until I noticed lock up. Screen freeze looping sound and would have to hold power for it to shut down.

I thought that maybe i was still running warm so installed an after market heat sink (i forget the name and my brain is fried from work today, its the cooler master that blows down over ram , I had purchased it just for the clearance space)

Problem kept happening, always happened at least once every 2 days. Seemed to occur all at random times.

Well last night after gaming I decided to look at pictures of kittens in baskets while watching a streamer and of course it locked, I powered it down then held the power button.. Nothing. No lights anywhere not even on the mother board.

I green/black jumped the psu and it does kick on fans. I reseated everything, tried jumping the pwr button pins incase the power button on my 600t was screwed but still.. no lights on the mother board (ga-z68-ud 3 or 4 i forget).

So here I am stuck, Could my psu still be bad? or do you think it would at least supply the mother board with power to show an error light on the MB.. Or did the motherboard for an unknown reason decide to give up on me?

As much as I wish i could tell you I have an extra power supply, I do not. The power supply is a seasonic 650 x .

I would think if it was the ram or cpu etc the motherboard would at least give indication. The fans would at least kick on in my case etc.

8/2011 i know I can rma the psu but if its "fine" ill have to pay 45 for them to ship it back.. No idea about gigabyte but I heard their rma is hell anyway. Really would enjoy some insight on the possibilities.
more doubtful that a seasonic would go bad.

Do you have a voltmeter?

Yes i do, its an ideal 61-340. I guess I use the V with a ~ and ... under it? I watched a video , doesnt have a standard set to 20dc or whatever

Tested 12 12.06 5 4.96 3.3 was odd i put it in a different side (the ground) and it was -1.69 .. I put it on the reccomended ground and the orange and it came up with 3.34 (tests were done with 2 120mm's hooked up, 12 and 5 were taken from molex , 3.3 and the blue one were taken from 24pin atx)

Im using that as reference btw.. and swapping the black multimeter to blue and the red multimeter to ground I came up with 11.89. I assume this means my power supply is fine or at least should be fine.
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If you are using the 8800gts in your signature try pulling it out and use the integrated gpu. I had similar issues with my 8800gts before it went, specifically :
Screen freeze looping sound and would have to hold power for it to shut down.
sorry it needed up dating

And now it gets weird, Managed to go over to a friends and remove his psu from his work computer. Nothing.

I removed everything from my computer, just had MY psu.. a fan plugged in cpu 1 , chip in the socket. 24 pin and 8 pin connected. Nothing. Removed cmos battery, put it back in. Put it together, now I am typing on it. I really am stumped. Granted it saves me from rma'ing anything which is nice but I think I rather have a damaged component so I knew what went on or what might still be going on.
It could be anything, loose cable, one of the components wasn't seated correctly, or something is going. Tough to diagnose something like that, the looping sound points to me a gpu issue, only because I had similar issues. If no issues occur then just chalk it up to something loose, if they do I'd try pulling the gpu and see if the issue goes away.