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AX-7 vs. SK-7?

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which is better

The SK-7 should do better as it is all copper instead of the ax-7 which only has a copper insert. I've had both on my back up puter, now running SK-7, it works great and with a 50 cfm sunon fan its running 34C with ambient of 25C. When i had the AX-7 it was giving temp of 38C with same ambient. Both were on an XP2000 at stock speed.
slk 800

Ya I agree there, the SLK-800 or 900 would definitely be better too but at double the price is the 2 or 3 deg really worth it. If your goal is ultimate overclockin then I would say go and spend the extra on the slk 800 or 900 but for just stock or some overclockin they are awful expensive. Where the sk-7 would be half the price and almost as effective.
my 2 cents
Yeah, price is a factor. I'll be doing 2400MHz with 1.8V on an XP1800, so cooling IS important as well. The SLK-800/900 are out of my pricerange, so its either the AX-7 or SK-7. Another thing I MUST HAVE is the three prong clip, and not mounting holes. I HATE the mounting holes.
james.miller said:
well the sk- was ment as a replacment for the ax-7 and is slightly better. id just go with whatever is cheaper

i dont think that is wholy tru. im pretty sure the AX-7 came out after the first SLK and the AX-7 does have better preformace with a REALLY low cfm fan.
I can see crashOverride's point - the AX7's radial design will allow more air onto the package with less force, and thus will work better with a low CFM fan.