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Feb 6, 2002
Melrose, MA
Hey i plan on getting a thermalright ax-7 heatsink for my 1800+ to do some overclocking. I was wondering which fan combo should i go with, the panaflow (40 cfm), delta 68 (68cfm) or delta 80 (80cfm). I don't mind some noise but i don't want somthing that deafens me. I was thinking the panaflow or delta 68. Any suggestions will be great

Voodoo Rufus

Powder Junkie Moderator
Sep 20, 2001
Bakersfield, CA
I wouldn't go for the Delta 80. It would work great, but it would be very loud. You could go for the Panaflo and get decent temps, but I think the Delta 68 would be a good compromise. The performance tests on teh main page say that it works great with that fan. You can always decrease the fan speed if you want to lower the noise level.


Unoriginal Macho Moderator
Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
I can tell you from experience that the lower speed fans "usually" don't cool well on heatsinks. I have the mcx462 and I have an 80CFM, a 68CFM and I tried a 50CFM sunon. Let me just say that with the 50CFM my idle temps were higher than my load temps with the 68CFM. Your temps will be high and you will be dissappointed with the 40CFM. The reason the Deltas do so well is the focusing veins they have, which your 40 and my 50CFM fans do not have. If anything, the least CFM fan I would use is the 45CFM delta, it has the veins. Here is the link to that fan:


You could always get a rheostat for the 68 cfm (that's what I use now). The 80CFM cools amazing but it is WAY louder than the 68. Hope this helps.