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Axia, Asusa7v133+? Need advice...

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May 7, 2001
Montreal, Canada
The only HSF available to me when i got my rig was the super orb, and frankly ,it sucks. The asus probe and bios monitor reports my cpu at 47ish idle, its hit 55 c at full load on hot day (cheap thermal compound). I'm looking to get another one and i'm torn between the alpha pep66t, the winfop38 or the swiftech mc370, any recommendations, which will fit? Man, im not looking forward to uninstalling the orb :(

Also, i plan to oc my week 11 axia 1ghz when i get the new HSF and arctic silver. Should i bother with conductive paint, or just use the pencil, i.e. does the pencil last.

One last thing, has anyone heard of NEC ram? Is it any good? I'm wondering if its default settings are optimal for my system and how far i might push my FSB with this ram.

This forum rocks, i hope to get some top notch replies; compare with my 3dmarks below.. :)

1 [email protected] axia 0111(still locked)
asus a7v133
256 megs NEC PC-133
creative annihilator 2 gf2 gts 32
sb live!
fps surround speakers
20 gig quantum 7200 rpm HD
sony 52x cd-rom
Optiquest v73 17" monitor
300 w mid tower
cheesy orb
win 2k
I had the same deal with a Super Orb - my bro bought one and we almost destroyed his Epox 8KTA's big-*** row of capacitors sitting next to the socket while trying to get the flippin' thing on there - I had a GlobalWin FOP32 sittin' all high and mighty on my T'Bird ([email protected](10x103), and we switched, since the GW would fit just fine on his Epox. Unfortunately, however, I was stuck with the short end of the stick, this being the Super Orb. It ran a minimum of 7 Degrees hotter at all times than my FOP32 did. Maybe it was my mounting job or relative stupidity, but it didn't work too well for me. He ended up buying me a new FOP32 to make up for it :) In other words, considering how competitively priced and simple they are, GlobalWin HSFs I've dealt with are solid and effective affairs.

ANY HSF will fit on an A7V that I've seen...you can see the Capacitors and whatnot are mounted on a sweet little vertically-positioned daughter board away from the socket ; this clears the way for bigger HSF units.

Good luck with the AXIA - we should all be so lucky to get one :) Pencil has worked fine for me and hasn't worn off in the past seven months. Just make sure you have good lead - some have a higher concentration of non-conductive material in them. Some company (can't remember the name) also sells a strip of tape with little leads stuck to them. Stick on the tape and go. No penciling. The leads fill the traces and you're good to go.

Sorry, can't help with memory thing.....I guess that's something my system could use some improvement with, but the cheap crap I have now runs 136 just fine. I'd really only worry about it if you needed to OC the bejeesus out of the FSB, but this usually isn't necessary (or possible) with VIA's Athlon Chipsets. Ask the experts - they could tell you more about both these things than I can. Again, good luck with your dope-*** system!
You may want to checkout the new GlobalWin all copper unit...CAK38. If I could find one in stock, I think I might swap out my Vantec.

You never know about memory until you experiment with it on your own. Everyones experience is different.
I've got a couple of ASUS boards up right now and I would recommend anything by Global Win, particularly the WBK32. I just upgraded my A7V133 from an FOP 32 to the WBK and realized a 3 to 4C drop in temps. From what I've read, the CAK 38 offers no advantage over the WBK.

Check it out here;

Good Luck!

From my personal experience with an A7V133 I don't know how accurate it is. I have a swiftech MC-370 installed on mine and it reports it getting up to 52c (full load) with an ambient temp of 30... I also don't know how accurate the ambient temp is either because I have my case off and it is 68f/20c in my room and it reports my temp at 30-31c! Could just be me but I think the temp sensors are retarded.

Dutch (May 08, 2001 03:26 a.m.):
S**t or get off the pot...get a MC-462 by Swiftech,

^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ that really was'nt very *Cool*