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AYHJAR Y01 - Worlds fastest Athlon T-birds?

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Apr 13, 2001

This is aparently the worlds most advanced Athlon based stepping without sporting the Hprefetch/SSE advancement.

The current record at the university is a 1.4GHz T-bird operating at 1950MHz running on 2.0Vcore/3.65VIO KT266A Abit K7RA Mobo with 512MB Micron PC2700 Memory. This is an awesome setup showing how well of a chip that AMD has produced on the good old .18M SocketA interface.

300MHz FSB - 150 x 13
1950MHz Athlon Thunderbird

The Bird will fly once more before breding time:D

p.s - Keep an EYE out for AGOIA stepping on Palominos, I hear people are hitting 1.95GHz~2.00GHz on AIR with these steppings!
i've heard of people reaching 1.7 - 1.8 ghz with the ayhja 1 ghz t-birds, thats just amazing. I'm in the process of finding one right now for purchase.
I have a AYHJAR (K) 1 gig an at 1.85v the highest I have managed to get with it is 1600 water cooled on my Epox 8KHA+. Waithing for the 8K3A+ to come out to try it out with higher voltages an see what it will do. Running a XP1700+ at 1705 at 1.85v. (AGKGA) (Y)
demon-eater said:
just curious where could one acquire one of these AYHJAR Y01 tbird stepping chips??

You'd probably have to hope if you buy that specific bird you'd get it, or skim the classifieds once in awhile seeing if someone is selling that stepping.

Yea that 1.4 Tbird is great, but I'd wish it wouldn't push out so much heat! :D

AYHJAR Y is the last stepping for the T-bird.
-This stepping can be found in any T-bird with a 1GHz+ Frequency.

AGOIA is currently the most advanced stepping for the Palomino.
-These steppings can be found in the XP1600+ or newer.

As of September this year, there will be no more mass production of the Athlon Thunderbird processor. Only Palomino and Thoroughbred will be produced.

hehe i just found out i had a ayhjar today, i unlocked it 1st try with a pencil. Its at 1300mhz now, but its a little toasty because 1-im using lame silicon thermal paste 2-Im using a Volcano6Cu 5k fan 3-i scratched it
my solution to 2 and 3 are, im working on geting a delta, and im gonna lap it becasue its not that smooth anyways