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AZ11--Duron 700 (L1 bridge is open)--FOP(for durons)

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Jan 5, 2001
Harrodsburg, KY
Ok, by the title you know what I have. I am very new, have been watching the message boards for sometime, and now I feel I am ready to dive in, but I have this hesitation that sucks(dont wanna fry anything). GOAL 800-850Mhz whichever seems best for the long haul. How can I attain my goal? This board had good reviews, and the price was perfect for my dad. I know the board is jumperless, and quite neat to look over(so my little blond daughter says(OOOH PRETTY COLORS DADDY)).. Where can I go to get maybe a step by step install process (I dont trust the stuff on Ebay) ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated!
With the FIC AZ11 you will not be able to modify the multiplier at all, so overclocking can only be done through FSB, meaning you MIGHT get 770 MHz. If it's the AZ11E, then yes, 850 MHz is a very attainable goal. I built 2 Duron 700 systems with AZ11E's and Chrome orbs and both do 850 no sweat. FOP is a good cooler, I use it, and I've squeezed 950 out of mine.