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AZZKICKER's Home Made Socket A heatsink

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Hey Guys AZZKICKER here

been out of the game for a while because of $$$ and Counter Strike (lol)

but im back i recently got a Epox 8K7A+ from a friend of mine

i found out why he gave it 2 me...the center luggs were broke off...BOTH OF THEM

well i was like ill take it for sure and he gave me a stick of genaric PC2100 256meg DDR stick that he said he had trouble with

so it sat on my desk for 2 or so weeks and finnally i could stand it anymore i had 2 come up with a heatsink so for 2 days i searched every local shop around and no heatsinks with all 3 slug holder nor anything trhough the board

well i dug out all my sinkss.......and what did i find........ALPHA 3125 LoL i said i bet i could do something with this LoL

so anyways i cut about a inch or so off each end of it and the realized the celeron mounting hioles are the exact same spacing as the mobo's holes ( note there offset differntly on the sink so make sure u turn it the right way or it will not sit right) and i mounted a nice black lable delta 38 cfm fan on it sucking air across the basse

so i through my AXIA 1.2 t brid in the board + the shim and mounted it up with radio shack heatsink compund and poped that ram my friend gave me and it booted right up

1.2 @ 1.85 volts @ core temp of..............89F what?

but i cranked it up too 2.05 volts @ 145 fsb with a 10X multiplyer = 1450 mhz and full load temp......102F

with a 78 F room temp

oh this ram is runing soild as a rock been gouing for 2 days with hard testing not one flinnch not rebooted yet

that ram is running 145 mhz @ cas2 SOLID lol my friend craped his paints

so here i am ...the abit Kt7a-RAID is oin the trash now where it belongs

and i have ran this cpu with this heatsink @ 150 x 10 @ 2.14 volts full load temp was 104F

Iron Hawk

Jan 19, 2002
Groton, CT
They say Pictures say a 1000 words, your post above only had 386 words, you owe us 614 words or a couple pics!!! (preferably the pics)


Senior Member
Jan 8, 2002
Good job though. Never underestimate us overclockers, we'll surprise you...and ourselves too. :) But those are just downright awesome temps to be getting on a T-bird overclocked to the gills...*goes to put his old P3 heatsink on his XP*