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[b]Blue Screen of DEATH!!! Please Help![/b]

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New Member
Apr 7, 2001
The system:

1200/266 T-bird
256 MB Crucial PC 133
Annilihator 2 64DDR
X-Gamer 5.1
IBM Deskstar 20GB on IDE 1 Master
Sony CDRW on IDE 2 Master

The Problem:

Install windows, no probs, install HPT370 Drivers and software, no probs, install VIA Service Pack, no probs, install Annilihator 2 drivers, no probs can reboot fine. As soon as I install X-Gamer drivers I get the blue screen of death.
A fatal exception 06 has occurred at 0028:00007B32. The current app. will be terminated.

Any ideas? Please Help!
And one more thing,

Why the HELL can't I make my Subject in bold print?
I put the stupid code in, can my day get any worse???
Sounds like those X-Games drivers are bad-remove them and try to find them on the net elseware-i had the same prob when i installed some bootleg-Videocard Overclock drivers -TOTAL BSOD
there is a story of "via/AMD/geforce/SBlive" problems on every forum ,,get the latest drivers/bios for everything
Well I will try this again. If you have the X-Gamer in the 5th pci slot that is probably your problem. I had the same problem when I set my board up the first time. I called Abit tec and they told me the 5th pci slot is shared with the agp slot. I put my soung blaster in the 3rd slot and that cured the problem. When I got my X-Gamer I put in the 3rd slot loaded the drivers and no problem.

KT7A-Raid T-Bird 133/266@1612
G-Force 2 MX 32 meg
SB X-Gamer 5.1
384 C-2 mem
40 gig WD ATA 100 7200
56/V90 Win modem