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Back after two weeks. New Billionaire!

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Can you guess who our new billionaire is? Post below and give 'em hell. ;)

Something new to us this week. We have two teams on our conquest list. NVIDIA (3.3 months) and EVGA (14.3 years). Well done. Well done. If we can keep up this pace, we can have the #6 spot by the end of summer. This might be a bit ambitious but this team always seems to do the tough stuff. What's wrong with you all? jk. This is the team that works hard and earns points.

World top 100 for T32.
@HayesK #22
@WhitehawkEQ #30
@Holdolin #39
@HayesK #51
@dfonda #62
@torin3 #100

Top 200 includes: @P4EE, @orion456 , @Farwalker2u , @Machaholic, @superducky and @don256us . Well done and keep chipping away at the top 100 folks. Sing a song if it helps you with your work. "I don't wanna work. I just want to bang on the drums all day." Maybe not that sone. Of course now I have that song playing in the background. I'll work through it though. ;)

The state of the union team is strong. We are up to 57 active folders. The most notable is a subgroup of active folders going by the name of @folding monkeys. They are being very aggressive too. They have set a goal of being #2 in ppd. Bravo fellas. Bravo. Please welcome our latest brand new folder, @xblakjakx. :welcome: and thank you for joining the team. Feel free to post in this thread to introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have.

Okay. Now I'm listening to this and now I'm all happy like. Just need to hear OMC's How bizarre. Good stuff but I digress.

Top 27 are earning 1 million ppd+
Top 10 are earning 10 million ppd+
Top 7 are earning 20 million ppd+
Top 6 are earning 30 million ppd+ including the aforementioned folding monkeys. <fist shake> </fist shake>
Top 4 are earning 40 million ppd+
Top 3 are earning 50 million ppd+
Top 2 are earning 60 million ppd+
Top 1 (Guess who) is earning more than 206 million.

Let's keep pushing the tempo.

Did you guess who our newest billionaire is? Of course you did. Its our very own @Grub ! Congratulations. The first billion is very sweet. Very sweet indeed. WOOT WOOT!

@gulp35 has earned 900 million. Getting close to that first billion yourself there. :)
@folding monkeys (Hmmm. Never heard of them before now.) :rofl: just earned 500 million and moving fast. 600 million before the end of the day.

@CivHunter just earned 50 million and moving up.

@Reconsnake just earned 4 million.
@xblakjakx (our newest member) just earned thier first 1 million! WOOT!

Okay. I'll end this while listening to some Mongolian techno. Very similar to Viking techno if you must know.

If you live in any of the areas that have been ravaged by storms, I hope that you are doing well.

Be safe. Be happy. Be well and fold on.

Until next week:
Build, Borg, Recruit.