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Back-lit Motherboard?

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Dec 9, 2009
Hope this is the right section:D

I was just thinking how cool it would look to have a back-lit motherboard. Basically having some kind of cathode or L.E.D under the motherboard. I'm sure it is easily doable i am just curious if anyone has seen this and if they have could they post pics?


Sep 6, 2003
it sounds like a neat idea although I think you will need to do eitther LEDs or have really tall standoffs. I don't think you could cram a cathod under the mobo


Now 6GHz or Bust!
Aug 1, 2002
CCFL could be done if you removed the plastic tubing, they are typically 3mm in diameter but it is not recommended. CCFL can have around 600V AC and if any bare metal touches, your motherboard would really light up like 4th of July... for about a second then you have a big hunk of paper weight.

Alternatively, you can mount the CCFL on the back of the metal mobo plate and cut out a silt opening for the light. If anything happens to the CFL, it'll be behind the plate and at worst, you'll have melted the inverter and black mark on the metal plate but the computer should survive.

Go with LED. Small, far safer, and far more variety of colors. Can even use tri-color LED for color changing if desired. If you're knowledgeable, you could tap into the sound and have the red, green, and blue light up depending on the frequency. Low (bass) = red, mid range = green, and high = blue and mixed color in between. Don't ask me how, I can only do digital electronics, not analog