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Bad Bios flash killed my kt7

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Marshall, MO
Last night I flashed my board from bios ul to version yh, after I did this my system wouldn't boot I checked that I had a fan in fan header 1, I did. After I thought about this for a minute I remembered that I have never seen any fan rpm's in my bios when I would check my chip temp. So I called Abit Tech support after being on hold for about 15 min I got to talk to a tech we talked for about 5 min and he said I need a new bios chip and transferred me to customer service they took my address and said they would drop it in the mail today. I really figured this would be a pain but I think it went pretty well.
before you go to bed tonight, you had beter thank the guy up their.

i aina neva seen one board manufacturer go out of the way like that

yes, please send us 30 bucks please
If you never saw any RPM's in the BIOS before are you sure that your fan from the CPD HS has the third wire on it to relay the RPM info the the BIOS? If not try a diiferent fan with three wires.
My fan is a delta so I don't have it plugged into the fan header, I have the rpm led from my enermax power supply plugged into it, I have had my delta plugged in also and didn't see any rpm's. I always have rpm's with the via hardware monitor and with MBM 5. I am going to try a different fan anyway though, in case the chip they send me has a bios that requires it.