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Bad CPU?

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Nov 29, 2001

Here's my story...

I bought a lot of parts from Newegg, and when I put it all together... it won't work. It will freeze at the post and never get anywhere. I can't even get into the CMOS most of the times because it freezes before I can hit del. I first thought it was the motherboard, it was a KT400 Dragon Ultra, so then I RMA it. I just got a brand new one back, put it together, still does it. I then went up to get my friend's cpu which was a 1800+ (mine was 2200+) and boom! it worked fine. I put in the 2200+ it freezes... Is this CPU defective then? has anyone got a defective CPU before? this is a first for me, and I'm getting really mad :mad: I'm suppose to have a working computer like a month ago...
Does anyone out there got a defective CPU before? if so, what kind of problem(s) did it cost?

This really sounds weird and I guess that if it works fine with a regular XP and freezes with the tbred, I think you should try to update the BIOS, although the motherboard is new, I don't know if it will help, and if it doesn't help or u already did that, then RMA the chip if you can, people are sometimes getting bad chips and you can't predict how they will work/not work.
this happened with my soyo when i tried to overclock.. it wouldnt boot right and i had to reset my CMOS, i flashed it.. and whammo onto glorious 2200+-dome!
Bon3thugz43v3r said:
Wow...... ^BUMP:eh?:

Why are you so anti-Newegg? They RMAd a MB that he obviously mis diagnosed. Its very possible that he has a bad CPU. From what I heard TCWO has had some too.
The thing is... I did update my bios to the latest version... and it still won't work... So, I'm guessing it's the CPU alone that's having problems... now I can't even get it to post... I just got the RMA number from Newegg, so I will be sending the CPU back to them soon to get a new one and hopefully one that works...
When you have a defective/bad cpu, it usually won't even post.

Glad you RMA'd your cpu. G/L and keep us posted.