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Bad dream - Abit KT7A

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New Member
Mar 27, 2001
I´ve bought Abit KT7A and Duron 650 together with Titan cooler M5AB (very poor cooler, keep out!). My idea was to overclock FSB and have no additional work with bridges (changing multiplier). Settings was core 1.85, vio 3.6, FSB 133 - it was running very stable, so I tried 140 success again. With 145 Windows almost finished booting process (but almost - I get blue screen of death). I was happy and put FSB back, because of very high noise (from additional fan).
Before a few days I tried overclocking again and I can´t boot even with 133 FSB!! I must note that I have the same components, same system, same bios, only 4in1 v.4.29 (before v.4.25)!!
I´m very angry about that thing. Windows are booting and one second before end of boot mouse get freezed and computer is dead (restart..). But in safe mode it boots and I can do test (Sandra 2001)!!!

Please help, or It is making me mad!!!
i had the same probleme with freezing on the KT7A so uninstal you video card driver then VIA 4IN 1 then reboot then reinstall 4in1 patch the reboot then install your video card driver then reboot
normally i ll fix your probleme
but if you still have the same probleme it may be that u have an IRQ conflict it hapened every time with SB LIVE sound CARD or GEFORCE 2 AGP CARD so just check it out then it ll work with no probleme
yea...... have to make sure if you have a SBLive that you have it in slot 3

it dont like any other slot

4 and 5 are sharded with usb and the RAID controler

so dont use those unless those others are disabled
Im almost 100% sure your having a Voltage problem. I had the same problem with my KT7A-RAID board it would keep locking up at desk top so i kept changing my CV till it quit locking up . I have the 1133 TB @ 1.65/3.20 and every thing is fine.
Thanx for your answers!

Now I don´t make any oc adventures, because I´m waiting for new case. The old one is very small, almost without air flow.
I think that my cpu needs 1.85V for stable run.
I´ve got SB live! and maybe that´s source of the problem.
I will refer my new knowledge soon!