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Badong fan ducting questions

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May 5, 2003
Alberta, Canada
Anyone here familar with the Badong "Cooling Wizard" which is a duct running from the CPU fan to a nearby case fan? There's a pretty good review of the Badong duct at http://www.arstechnica.com/reviews/003/badong/badong-1.html

I suspect I could build my own rather easily if I could find suitable ducting material (speaking of which, is there anything one can spray on aluminum to make it non-conductive??). The Badong is meant to provide a cold air intake to the CPU which normally means you have to convert an exhaust fan to an intake fan. I have an Alpha PAL8045 designed to suck rather than blow so I'm wondering what the impact would be if I left it that way with the duct exhausting hot air?

The other questions concerns the two fans used at each end of the duct. Assuming one fan is more powerful than the other (very likely in my case), on which end should the more powerful fan go to maximize air flow?

Happy ducting.
In your case, using the duct to exhaust hot air seems wise as it gets all that stuffy hot air out of your system, and Id have thought It would keep your system temp down. Im not sure that it would cool your CPU more though...
start, the duct goes directly from your case panel, to the cpu fan, thats why it lowers your cpu temp becuase your not using the warm air of your case to cool your hsf.
you can use tumble drier hose for the same affect, and the plastic stuff isnt conductive(obv).
Ya cheesy peas, but he said his HSF is sucking, and he wanted to duct the HSF air out of the case.

At least I think thats what he meant ???

So yea, what I said before