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Balance a Circuit?

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New Member
Mar 22, 2021
Hi, all
I have a multi-sensor configuration connected to an Arduino MEGA R3. Please reference the attached Fritzing file.

The code works, but sometimes it seems to stall or hang after a few random loop cycles. I found that if I up the voltage on the buck, it will run longer and without issue. When I checked the voltage at each sensor, using the buck ground and each sensor's voltage in, I can see that some sensors (like DS18B20) had very high voltages (around 5.6 V). This having me think I am going to fry a sensor. When checking the other sensors they seemed to be right at 5 V. The GPS was a little low at 4.8 v. The DS3231 was a little high (5.4 V) and the SD Card Reader was a little low (4.8 V). The WiFi module was also low (4.5 V).

I noticed all fluctuated as the WiFi module sucked in current. So I tried adding the caps in front of each module to se it it helped. It sort of did in that each module now stays around the same voltage, but the smaller ones (DHT11, DS18B20, HS711) are getting upper side of 5.7 V while the WiFi and GPS are at lower range of 4.6 V.

I do not know the best way to even out the current so that the heavy usage modules get closer to 5 V and the smaller current modules come down.

Is there anyone give some ideas and practice approach?