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Barton 2500+ into 3200+ mod? Guy making money on ebay

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Official Cool Guy
Jun 3, 2003
Commerce, Los Angeles County, California, USA
I'll just start with the link

The guy is selling a 2500+ modded into a 3200+ for $165. What I'm wondering is if there is a mod that will lock the [email protected] speeds? or is he just selling the 2500+ and telling the buyer to up the FSB in the BIOS when they receive it? He does claim that he has done a modification to the chip and that he guarantees it. If you read the description, he states that he will not reveal the mod he has used.

Legit or not? He does have plenty of positive feedback. In benchmarks, does an overclocked [email protected]+ do as well as a 3200+? Is he just making money or is he actually providing a useful service to those, who do not know how to overclock, looking to save a buck on a fast chip?

Sir Barton

Mar 22, 2003
Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit
yep, we've discussed this on another forum. personally i think the guy should be tarred and feathered. it is legal for him to do it, afterall, he is telling you its a modded 2500+ and not telling you straight up its a 3200+.



Sep 13, 2002
He probably tweaks the bridges to make the mobos read the default FSB as 200 MHz instead of 166. This way no bios adjustments are needed.