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Barton 2500+ ~ Voltage Corruption?

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May 21, 2003
I picked up a new Barton 2500+ the other day, an AQXCA0311XPDW. The chip seems to overclock well enough. I got up to 177x12.5 @ 1.725v with ease, and I'm sure I could run higher at that voltage. Now you may be wondering why I'm running at such a low FSB. Well, this cpu is replacing a 1900+ Palomino, and the rest of the system (512mb Samsung PC2700, MSI KT3 ARU) remains the same. Thus, my ram is severely holding me back, not to mention the lack of a 1/6 divider on my mobo.

Now I ran into an interesting issue while trying to maximize my performance with what I've got. I was crunching prime for about 20 minutes when my system crashed. (A sidenote, after crashes resulting from overclocked fsb/high voltage/aggressive mem timings I usually need to unplug my psu before my system will post again! Strange, eh? Even if I reset my cmos I need to *completely* deprive my system of power before it will post again..) Upon restarting, I find that my bios has been corrupted. No problem - I reflash. Now, when I get back into my bios I go through all the normal changes I do, prior to overclocking my system. However, when I get to my Vcore voltage option it shows me *gibberish*. It has "Auto" and then every other option isn't even legible.. some odd characters. Scared the hell out of me. I rebooted, and it was fine.. But I've been able to reproduce this twice, usually after having to reset my bios, either by flashing or clearing cmos. Should I be worried that my cpu is damaged and reporting back incorrect voltages? Or do you think this is just a matter of some stress from overclocking that shouldn't matter once I achieve a stable system?

Also, how would I go about getting core voltages higher than 1.75? I'm assuming this is a limitation of my mobo, as I've seen plenty of other people talking about voltages @ 1.8+ without any mods. In any case, at the moment my fsb can't go much higher anyway, and I'm unwilling to cut bridges on my cpu to get the higher multis so I think 1.75 should be sufficient for my needs.

One *last* thing... At a fsb of say, 180, would any of my peripherals be a limiting factor to overclocking? I've got a Linksys Wireless G network card that seems to get flaky (lower performance) at a higher fsb, but it could just be coincidence. Also, I've got an old SCSI card that goes with my Plextor 8x20x burner that hangs on boot on rare occasions.. Do you think that either of these could be causing issues?

Oi.. If you've read this far, thank you. :p

System specs are as follows:

Barton 2500+ (AQXCA0311XPDW)
w/ SLK700 & 74mm YS-Tech TMD fan
Samsung PC2700 (1x512mb)*

*Soon to be replaced with TwinMOS PC3200/Winbond CH5 (1x512)

Currently I'm running at 170x12.5, Vcore @ 1.7, Vdimm @ 2.8. Temps are 43c/48c. Stable, but unimpressive..
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