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Basic Modding Help!! Newbie

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Ok heres what i wanna do i have a full tower case and i want to drill 3 holes on the bottom side panel for 3 90mm fans and then above it a square window w/plexiglass and a 120mm blowhole on the top as exhust
I have a 35000rpm dremel and the circular cutting tool
heres my questions....

1. What size circular drill bits do i need to cut 90 and 120mm holes i know that home depot sells this circular bits that attach to a normal drill to cut perfect holes (god knows i couldnt cut a circle w/a dremel im not that good) they are measured in inches not mm so i dont know which ones i need!

2. im gonna dremel out the square for the window, but where can i find the good molding used to put around the edges i've been to every hardware/auto store in town and nothing is like the stuff i see on giddeontech's website

3. (related to question 2) Once i place the good molding on does the plexiglass window go inside the case or is there molding designed to "slide" the plexiglass in it so its flush with the case?
Thanks for helpin me out once its done i'll post pics!
p.s. oh yea i already have a neon for it also which is i guess standard :D
For a 90mm fan, use a 3-1/2" circular bit, and for a 120mm use 4-1/2".

I just shopped around auto parts stores until I found door edge molding that I liked.

The plexi goes inside, unless you order some of the special molding available at PCMods . If you use the PCMods molding, you'll have to alter your window cut a bit.
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A 3-5/8” hole saw is 92mm, and a 4-3/4” one is 121mm. :)

Check out www.pcmods.com for molding. I'm not sure if it's the stuff you're looking for, but it's worth a shot.
CyberFed said:
how much are the bits off that website?

I got my 3" one from Lowe's for $16. I'm not sure how much the other ones were, but I think they were something like $22 and $30. I may be wrong though. When you get one, just make sure it says Bi-Metal on it. (You don't want to get one for wood). :p
ur talken about 2 dif kinds of molding 1 is the special window mod kind expensive from pcmods.... that hold the window in place and the window is even with the hole

the other is the kind from auto stores all it does is make ur cut look nice then u put the window behind the hole with 2sided tape or glue

the special window mod kind is a pain in the @@S trust me looks pretty good though i guess

i would go with the auto kind if i do another window

hope this helped
natopotato said:

the special window mod kind is a pain in the @@S trust me

No, no, no. We're talking major pain in the @@S here! I would rather cut out a blow hole with my fingernail then install another window with that molding. It took me about 40 minutes to get mine in. But you’re right, they do look pretty cool when there’re done. :cool:
cyber mouse45 said:
hmm, how come our hole saw sizes don't match?? I got mine from here: http://www.lenoxsaw.com/spholsaw.htm
The local Home Depot doesn't have 3-5/8" or 4-7/8", so I went with the next closest size.

Also, I have to agree on that PCMods molding. Cut everything exactly, and spent hours getting the window in.(Oval shape) Still am able to push the window in and out with a finger.