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Batman Arkham Series not working

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Jul 30, 2014
Hi all,

Having trouble getting Arkham Series running on my Windows 10 64bit machine, its running a Phenom X4 B55 @ 3.2Ghz with a Radeon HD 7700 6GB DDR3.

The errors I am getting with 2 of the arkham games are the errors that make some mention about "[insert month] build error and it says at the top something about dx8 input.

Arkham City - qa_approved_build _january_2011 Error ...
Arkham Origins shows the logo directly prior to the games actual boot then it just dies off screen no error message comes up for this one
Arkham Asylum- ERROR BUILD JULY 2012 and Q A _ A P P R O V E D _ B U I L D _ O C T O B E R _ 2 0 0 8 1 7 error

I have tried everything;

  • Reinstalling the games
  • Running full Windows 10 updates
  • Reinstalling C++ all of them
  • Full installs of all frame works
  • Checked DX is updated to DX12
  • Verified game install files
  • Cleared out everything related to the game prior to a reinstall including removing registry entries
  • Running the game with compatibility modes
  • Rolling back GPU drivers to 17.4.11
  • Creating big VRAM files for all 3 of my drives.

This is actually starting to drive me crazy what bugs me more is this machine can run Final Fantasy XV no problems and Tekken 7. I saw something on a reddit page suggesting wined3d or Vulkan but I have no idea how/what to do.

Did a can I run it;

Arkham City - Checks out and should work minimum requirements met.
Arkham Origins - Checks out and should work minimum requirements met.
Arkham Asylum - All specs check out only get ?? for OS and this message - Unfortunately your operating system was not available when this product was released, so it is not OFFICIALLY supported. Please review the publisher's website for more information.

This system had 3 HDDs 1 x 1tb 1 x 250gb then 1 x 150gb

Would I be better to just install all games to the 1tb then have Win 10 installed to one of the other drives then Win 7 on the other??

I had alot of faith in Windows 10 for gaming hence why I figured I wouldn't need Win 7 for a gaming PC but I am now thinking otherwise.

My last idea I have an old GTX laying around would it be possible to have both GPUs running in the machine at the same time on the same OS? and control which GPU runs for which game since NVIDIA users seem to be able to get the older titles running ok just seems to be AMD that has the problems.

Any suggestions or help would be really appreciated.


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Try re-installing the redists - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\_CommonRedist (DX+framework) - seems to be a +- common problem every time the games are installed or patched. Regarding DX, it might be DX12 in Win10 but it comes with a lot of the base DX9-DX10 files missing, directx_Jun2010_redist.exe usually fixes problems like this.

Tried both of those already aswell. Same result.

Does direct play have any effect? Not sure if its on or off as the remote PC's internet cutout just happened to see a video on it last night.
I haven't heard about Directplay since the times of DX3 :D all google-fu searches point to game patch or DX problem (the most common simply being to update DX), this one seems to be the more detailed but the solution is the same :


"...I came across a comment regarding DX11 not being supported on some graphic cards and having to switch to DX9..."

"So to summarize the whole thing, If you encounter the QA_approved_build error, do the foll :

Uninstall the game.
Update all your Drivers, including PhysX
Update DirectX via the Web Installer link given below
Re-Install the Game."

Ah, forgot to mention that in my first post.

Have done all of that and checked settings prior to game launch to ensure physx is on/off which makes no difference. DX webinstallers just tells me im on a more up to date version of dx. I have also downloaded the all in one dx setup that can install all versions that are missing from my OS and done full reinstalls for those aswell then reinstalled my game but keep getting the same error.
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I always heard horror stories about that game's optimization, with a little luck it's just a bad patch and you got a hotfix incoming on the next few weeks.

Have you tried compatibility mode ?
Yes, have tried compatability mode for all windows versions and ensured running as admin. Have made sure settings the same on any shortcuts being used aswell as the main exe. Hotfix incoming for GPU/W10 ?
No Geforce experience installed, I can turn physx off in the menu prior to loading the game but same result. With AMD software I have also tried optimised profile.