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Bat's How To: Taming the wild M.2 SSD

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The reason why I posted was in response to your blanket statement and to Woomack:
Toshiba which also needs active cooling.
I wanted to ask you about it as I saw your review but haven't seen info about temps.

Just saying mine doesn't. Then it was widdled down to laptops... and tight spaces with no airflow and.............. OY FRIGGIN VEY. Scope creep people, SCOPE CREEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lollolwtfbbqzomg.

EDIT: Done editing after I posted? Good...

Lol I literally said laptops! In your case it's fine but it is something that folks should pay attention to. There are lurkers out there who read stuff like this and think they're OK as a general use device, NO! No they're not! In a previous thread I bought a silicon image NVME drive because people said "its the coolest running drive it worked on my laptop", bull****! Both of them went back because they kept overheating to the point of S.M.A.R.T errors on my laptop on a cooling pad even with the panel off with direct airflow! They need to be watched carefully and looked at on a case by case basis. These drives need active cooling otherwise you're going to have issues.
There is plenty of information in this thread which shows the context of which we are speaking. If people can't read the whole thread and see, they have bigger problems in life than an overheating M.2 drive. Now, can we move along? :)
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