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Battlefield 1942 runs like crap

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Oct 16, 2002
Madison Heights, MI
Im looking into getting a new videocard for my brothers computer, he currently has a mx440 that is o/c VERY high and he still cannot play battlefield 1942 at very good frame rates.
(see sig for complete computer description)

For those to lazy to look:
256megs pc2700 ddr
2000+ stock
mx440 ~300/590

8x6x32 38fps
8x6x16 55fps

10x7x32 ~24
10x7x16 ~36

3dmark2k1se 10x7x32 ~7700

Now I was looking at a sapphire 8500le 94$ shipped @ newegg
reviews said it comes o/c out of the box at 275/580, the ram is 3.8ns. At newegg it says that this IS built by Ati but it does not seem to have bga ram, not sure which it is.
Sapphire 8500le @ newegg

Was also looking at the aopen ti4200s which has 3.6ns non bga ram and comes clocked at 250/275(uses the same core as ti4600)
Link to aopen ti4200 @ newegg

I dont want to spend a whole lot of money because this isnt even for my system but I can spend anything up to ~ 180$ so and tips would be great.

Also my friend is offering 65$ for the great o/c msi mx440 so The card wont set me back to much, and if the 8500le only costs 95$ and if it will suffice then it would be great.

Also is 256megs of ram enough for this game since on my system with my ti4400 clocked at 300/650 i still only get around 48fps average running at 1024x768x32.

Thanks for the help.


Sep 9, 2002
under the floorboards
yeah- the gf4ti or radeon should fix that right up.
256megs is really too little for bf1942
I first ran it with 512 and it ran perfectly
One of my sticks died and now it runs awfully


Jul 24, 2001
Acctually, its not the video card at all thats making the game run bad. Its the Ram....

Bf1942 is a ram hog, and theres nothing you can do about it cept to get more ram. i recommend 512 at least for anyone with hopes to play it smoothly. you will thank me later.