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BattleField Console Commands

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Aug 14, 2002
Da Windy City / Chicago
Copy and paste all this text into your AliasedCommands.con file, or make an new .txt-file and pasting it in there, renaming it to AliasedCommands.con when saving.

Defaulte path is:
"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Settings"

Copy all text below this line:

rem Listplayers online in game.
alias lp game.listplayers

rem add player to buddy list, Write 'a' and then id nr f.ex 'a 1'.
alias a game.addPlayerToBuddyList

rem lists buddy u have added.
alias bl game.buddylist

rem r remove player from buddy list, Write 'r' and then id nr f.ex 'r 1'.
alias r game.removeplayerfrombuddylist

rem s writes in main windows f.ex s1 'say Say Hello to my Little Friend'.
alias s "game.sayall (Insert text here)"
alias s1 "game.sayall Say Hello to My little Friend"
alias s2 "game.sayall (Insert text here)"
alias s3 "game.sayall (Insert text here)"

rem - Client commands:

alias listplayers game.listplayers
alias players game.listplayers
alias listmaps game.listmaps
alias lm game.listmaps
alias forgive game.TKForgive
alias forgivetk game.TKForgive
alias ftk game.TKForgive
alias punish game.TKPunish
alias punishtk game.TKPunish
alias ptk game.TKPunish
alias buddylist game.buddylist
alias suicide game.suicide
alias ignorelist chat.ignorelist
alias textinfo chat.chatinfo
rem - Client 'Toggle' settings:

alias fps console.showfps
alias hud game.usehud
alias oldtext chat.oldChatListStyle

rem - Client Settings

alias name game.changePlayerName
alias textsizes chat.setChatHistory
alias killtext chat.killMessageSize
alias flagtext chat.gameInfoMessageSize
alias chattext chat.chatMessageSize
alias oldtextsize chat.oldChatListHistory

rem - Client Argument commands

alias votemap game.voteMap
alias vm game.voteMap
alias kick game.voteKickPlayer
alias kickteam game.votekickteamplayer
alias kt game.votekickteamplayer
alias addbuddy game.addPlayerToBuddyList
alias buddy game.addPlayerToBuddyList
alias ab game.addPlayerToBuddyList
alias removebuddy game.removeplayerfrombuddylist
alias unbuddy game.removeplayerfrombuddylist
alias rb game.removeplayerfrombuddylist
alias ignore chat.addToIgnoreList
alias unignore chat.removeFromIgnoreList

rem - Admin commands

alias nextmap admin.runnextlevel
alias nm admin.runnextlevel
alias restart admin.restartmap
alias rm admin.restartmap
alias banlist admin.listBannedAddresses
alias clearbans admin.clearbanlist
alias pause admin.togglegamepause
alias unpause admin.togglegamepause

rem - Admin 'Toggle' settings:

alias freecam game.enableFreeCamera
alias tkban admin.banPlayerOnTKKick
alias punishmode admin.TKPunishMode
alias mapvoting admin.enableMapVote
alias kickvoting admin.enableKickPlayerVote
alias teamkickvoting admin.enableKickTeamPlayerVote
alias nosecam admin.allownosecam
alias extviews admin.externalViews
alias autoteam admin.autoBalanceTeam

rem - Admin Settings

alias tkspawndelay admin.spawnDelayPenaltyForTK
alias tklimit admin.nrOfTKToKick
alias remoteconsole admin.enableRemoteConsole
alias remoteadmin admin.enableRemoteAdmin
alias votetime admin.votingTime
alias bantime admin.banTime
alias startdelay admin.delaybeforestartinggame
alias rounddelay admin.roundDelayBeforeStartingGame
alias timelimit admin.timeLimit
alias scorelimit admin.scoreLimit
alias roundlimit admin.setNrOfRounds

rem - Admin argument commands

alias adminkick admin.kickplayer
alias kickplayer admin.kickplayer
alias adminkick admin.kickplayer
alias akick admin.kickplayer
alias ban admin.banplayer
alias banaddress admin.addAddresstoBanList
alias unbanaddress admin.removeAddressFromBanList
alias load admin.changemap
alias map admin.changemap
alias loadmap admin.changemap
alias setnextmap admin.setNextLevel
alias message admin.servermessage
alias speak game.sayall
alias say game.sayall


Apr 2, 2003
So if you paste all this text into the file you montioned, then what does it do??


Jun 8, 2002
Seattle, WA
instead of typing "console.showfps" you just need to type fps. Hence the alias (shortcut)

fps is now the shortcut to the command console.showfps

alias fps console.showfps