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BD7 Doesn't like any new RAM?

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May 21, 2003
Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum, but I thought I'd come and pick your brains anyway as you all seem pretty clued up about the in's and out's of the ABIT BD7 problems.

The problem I have is this... Basically my motherboard won't take any new RAM modules, ones that work in other machines too?

My board used to run a 1.8Ghz 100MHz (400Mhz) FSB P4 and 256MB of unbranded DDR2100... That all worked fine.

Upgraded to a P4 2.26Ghz CPU but the RAM didn't like the 133Mhz FSB, so I swapped it for a brand new Samsung 2.5 CAS PC2100 DDR stick and it worked a treat...

I've had this setup running on stock voltages (DDR and CPU) up to 155FSB.. Giving me a nice 2.5Ghz or so speed, nice and stable too.

I got another 256MB stick 'identical' to the one above (samsung) and tried it in the second slot recently but no boot? I thought this may be the high FSB and the 2 DIMMS problem, so I lowere the FSB to 133Mhz and still no joy?!?

I then removed the old DIMM and tried the new 256MB Samsung stick in there and it still wouldn't boot, I tried reseating it many times in both slots but still nothing.. (FSB at 133Mhz).. Very strange.

So I recently went out and bought a brand new Samusung Original 512MB PC2700 DDR stick (double sided). I tried this in there lastnight by itself and the same problem, nothing. No beeps at all..

Sometimes I got the famous A7 code on the board, sometimes a C?? something code.

I managed to get into the BIOS once with this 512MB stick, after it had reset the settings to default and the FSB was at 100Mhz, the machine wouldn't boot though. I tried raising the DDR voltage a tiny bit, but still nothing.

I've since had the 512MB stick running in a Compaq machine at work for 3 days, running Sandra Memory tests non-stop without a single error.

Any ideas as to why my BD7 won't run any other RAM apart from my 256MB Samsung stick at home? :rolleyes:

Am I doomed to stay at 256MB's until I upgrade Motherboard.. I'm runnning the latest BIOS from the ABIT-USA.COM website by the way.

Never had any problems with the 'cold-boot' issue too?

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks for your time,