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BD7-II will not boot

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Nov 16, 2001
Just will not boot up. Diagnostic lights are top red, bottom green. Does anyone know what this means??? I've tried removing all cards, all drives, no help: no beeps, no error codes. CPU? Motherboard? RAM? Working fine, rebooted and nothing.
Done that already, also tried holding down {insert} while booting. It acts just like it did when I got my first stick of XMS which was a bad one, no boot, no beeps, no errors. The video is initalizing because the monitor wakes up. I guess I will just pickup a stick of DDR and try that. Gotta start someplace.
This machine has been up and running for months. Just over the last week or so I noticed some slight strange behavior. Then this last Saturday, whaile trying to load a 3 level demo of a game that will remain nameless, I started getting BSOD. This particular demo has to be loaded from the console and involves a large read/write to get going and the BSOD references the file system. What happened last nite is after checking and re-writing the boot sector and mbr (just to make sure) all computer activity was normal. I then tried to run said demo again but same result, BSOD. Turned machine off and it has not come back on since. I am leaning to it being a bad stick of ram at the moment, for 2 reasons. 1. I had a stick of Crucial go bad in this same m/b this summer. I started getting same kind of errors with large read/write activity. Normal load stuff was fine. Had 2 sticks in box so it would get past the mem check and boot up completely. 2. When I got the first stick of Corsair, it was DOA and box did exactly what it does now, wake the monitor up but POST no further.
Nothing has been changed, nothing unhooked. The first post in this thread did not tell the whole story as I was dictating it to my daughter over long-distane land line, hence I tried to be brief. Sorry for that. I will know late tonite when I get home as a buddy is loaning me a stick of my old Crucial and I will see if it is the ram. I don't know what the led's on the m/b mean since they are not referenced in the manual. In fact, I don't remember what they should when all was working.
Well, it wasn't ram. I wish there was an easy way to tell cpu or m/b. Unfortunately, all my friends run AMD, so I cannot just go swap out cpu's to test. This sux
Reminds of me this guy in class plugging in his memory in a BD7-II raid board...he somehow got the the memory to fit backwards..-shudder-...needless to say the board/memory got toasted....we never let him hear the end of it either..heheh..anyway he got lights on his moboard to light up..so it very well could be the motherboard...could also be the cpu...but it should have posted a little farther than just flickering the monitor on. Check the PSU..i hear wierd things with enermax psu's doing odd things..anyway good luck.