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BE6-II Checksum

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Mar 24, 2001
Ontario Canada
ok well i finally got this computer to post but i cannot get into the bios and i get some checksum rom error. is this just an error or is she dead?
Out of curiousity, how did ya fix the checksum error? (I've got an old mobo w/ a checksum error and wouldn't mind getting her up and running.)
i made a win98boot disk and edited the autoexec to load the awdflash (the bin file) and reflashed the bios
this didnt work but for somereason after i tried it i got a new screen
got into the bios
and saved current settings
and watching to flash the bios again but am having more problems with ide connectors
After playing around with 3 Asus boards, I installed a BE6-II Ver. 2.0 the other night and man, talk about problems. The PCB is rather flimsy, the motherboard mounting holes are not as beefy as the Asus, the connectors fit in opposite orientation, and the bootup routine is not as robust as the Asus. The capacitors on the board are too small that's why they go bad. I notice no one replied to my post above about my problems.

I got rid of the annoying Checksum error by flashing to the latest BIOS. Still had the problem. I replaced the board with an A7V133 briefly (that was bad so had to take it out) and put the BE6-II back in. No more Checksum errors when hot rebooting.

I was having a hang when my Cheetah drive was being recognized but that's gone now too.

I find if you don't press the DEL button at the right time a couple of times, you miss the BIOS entry. On the Asus's one press is all it takes.

And for some reason, the BE6-II does not like an Iwill Slocket II or something. I can hit 150 FSB with a 600E on the Asus boards but I can't go beyond 600E speeds at all on the BE6-II. Won't post clear into Windows. But my Slot 1 850E overclocks as well as on the Asus boards. I may need to try an Asus slocket.

This is arguably the best Abit board ever made? Some believe it's the best overclocking board ever made, but from what I've seen, the P3B-F is way more stable and headache free.

When i was flashing my BE6-2 it locked and the bios was all messed up! Does anyone have a Bios chip for it or knows how i can fix it???
Sorry it didn't work for you.You might try this. Go to www.wimsbios.com and under their FAQ's, they have techniques for "hot swapping" a BIOS chip. I have done this successfully. It's worth a shot as well.
On one of my BE6-II boards, I get a couple of write fail blocks the first time I flashed the BIOS. I reflashed it and it went OK. Board seems fine.