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BE6-II Ver. 2.0 newbie questions

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Aug 19, 2001
I just installed a BE6-II Ver. 2.0 last night and how come every time I have to restart or reboot the computer (by using Ctrl+Alt+Del for example), I get an Award Boot Block BIOS screen and it says "BIOS ROM checksum error" and it tries to read a floppy boot disk? Is it because it's overclocked to much? I'm at 124 FSB at 1.80 volts on an 850E, highest the board will do, but it's totally stable in 3D.

It's not a big deal since I just use the on/off switch to shut the computer off and turn it back on and it boots normally, but with most motherboards, this doesn't happen. Reboot or press the reset switch and the computer starts from scratch with the normal bootup sequence.

Also how do I find what version BIOS the board is running? With Asus boards it clearly says BIOS ver. 1.002 or 1.006 or something but on the Abit I get a whole bunch of numbers lower on the screen which needs to be deciphered.

Is there a problem with Tekram SCSI controllers and this board? When I try to install Win98SE on my 10K Cheetah drive hooked up to a Tekram DC-390U2W controller, I get an error message SU0013 saying setup cannot create files on that drive. I had to use DriveImage to copy a Win98SE partition from another computer to the Cheetah drive to get the OS up and running.
clear your cmos and try to boot again and check to make sure your bios settings are all correct
I updated to the latest BIOS (12-2001) and still had the same problem. I took the board out for awhile and put it back in and the problem went away.

I did try a recommendation someone made to set the BIOS to Fail Safe settings, reboot, and clear the CMOS as you suggested but it didn't work.

I hear people with as recent a board as the TH7-II are having this problem also. I'm just glad the problem went away.
Its normally related to high fsb. I get that problem once I go over 150 fsb. Very annoying, since it means I have to power off and on to change bios settings. Strange that it happened to you at 124 though..