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BE7-RAID and 2.4B

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Apr 5, 2002
Barcelona, Spain
Hi everyone.

I'm going to buy a new system really soon. I'd like to get to 3Ghz if my 3200 XMS memory holds out on a 4/5 dividor.

I've heard bad things about the 2.4B. Apparently 2.4A's o/c higher. Is that true? I can still change but I'm running out of time.

I'd like to get to the highest o/c but with the RAM maxed out. How far should the 3200 XMS take me on CAS2?

Well, most C1 2.4Bs can get past 3GHz quite easily. I haven't tried 2.4A, but with that CPU you can only dream of DDR400, as clocked to 133MHz that CPU would be running at 3.2GHz(which I doubt it will do) and still, the memory would be running only at DDR354(3:4 divider).

If your Corsair memory is the C2 type, it is guaranteed to run at CAS 2-3-3-6 at 200MHz. Every module Oc's differently, so you'll have to try it to see.
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Thanks a lot Exec. Yes, my memory is the C2 type. What does each of the numbers mean? I know the first one is CAS, but the other ones...?

I had given up hope of anyone answering this post. Thank you.

Oh, about dividors: do you know which ones the BE7 has? I've searched for reviews to find that but have been unable to get any good ones. It should arrive next week (along with what should be a C1 chip) so I'll post here to let you know how it's going.
Thanks a lot. Finally! I've been wondering about that for a while.

What ram are you going to put in your board?
Please post here once you have it to let me know how the o/c'g is going. I'm a newbie to this and would like to have some kind of reference.

Thanks for the reviews.
I've same kind of Corsair memory as you(512MB PC3200C2). At the moment I'm using C1 2.4B proc, which runs at 167-170MHz highest stable on my Abit BG7. I'm hoping BE7 would allow me to squeeze a few MHz more as well as let me to run memory at 3:4.
With a 3:4 dividor you'll need the memory to run at 445DDR to get 167 FSB. Are you sure your memory can run CAS2 that fast? The BE7 only allows 2.7V max for the memory
I have a BD7-II and a 1.6A that runs good at 166FSB.
I have buyed two days ago one ram module of 512mb of those new EL OCZ PC3500.
I can't reach the default {217mhz 2-6-3-3-Enabled 2.6v} setting.
I can only reach a stable {200mhz 2-6-3-3-Enabled 2.7v} setting.

Is this might doe to the i845E chipset? Will a BE7 be more compliant to those new rams? My resseller says YES... but I don't trust him too much. :eh?:

P.S.: For stable I mean certified by RAM Stress Test :).

P.P.S.: Can any one tell me if there is a way to make a Vmem mod using only the bios?? A little like the IT7 mobo series bios mod in the DDR Voltages menu. Thank you very much.
Hi everyone. After waiting more than a month, I finally have my system:
2.4B(yup, sorry :-( ) Malaysia
400Mhz XMS C2 ram
400W PSU

I have it at [email protected] with +5% voltage to the core. My 12V is at 11.64 lowest running Prime95 Torture Test. Using the 3:4 dividor I have the ram at 400mhz 2-6-3-3.
Temps go up to 56 max while running Prime95 for hours. How are those temps? I have the CoolerMaster L71 that spins at 3000RPM, so it barely has any CFM.

Here's my problem: I think the temps are screwing my o/c. I went to a store where they have a 120/80mm shroud. Unlucky me: the heatsink is 70mm. So I asked and they also have a 80mm/60mm shroud adaptable to the 120/80. So, I can mount 120/80 on top of the 80/60. Is this adviseable? Will I get better airflow? Here it's impossible to find powerful 70mm fans, so that's my only option if I want to keep bringing up the speed.

svenrune, what voltage do you have the CPU at? and the memory? Should I do a burn-in to o/c higher? If so, how do I do that?

Thanks a lot
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Does your memory get warm? I know mine sure does! Do you have active cooling of some sort on it?
I'll up the voltage on the CPU and the RAM and see if I can boot.

BTW, how did you burn in the RAM, what voltage and for how long? I have the memt86 program.
RAM i started with 2.7v and 2.5-7-3-3 settings and Sandra burn in wizard @ 100% for abiut 10 hours
after that i changed settings to 2-6-3-3 And did the same thing
finally i was @ 2-5-2-2

excuse my bad english
Your english is fine.

I just bumped the voltage to +10% and the ram to 2.7. It booted at 160fsb and 400DDR just fine. Running prime95 right now. Overclocking is definitely addictive. I'm sad my BIOS doesn't give me more voltages to become a Frankenstein with the memory and cpu.

I'll try to burn in the CPU along with the mem at the same time tonight all night long. I want to get to 166FSB!!
Hmm, it 160fsb (2.88 Ghz) it isn't stable when running Prime95. The temps don't cross 54ºC while running the Torture test, but eventually it jams.
Is it possible some burning in will fix this? It the CPU too hot?
I didn't burn in my cpu
The temp looks good to me it's about the same i have

I have some minor boot problem but when it happens
i just shut off the psu for 10-20 sek and then it works