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BECOOLING Water Block and Shrapnel

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Apr 10, 2001
I just got my BECOOLING water block and when I look through the input and output barbs I can see debris in the block. I tapped it on the desk and small pieces of solder? fell out. Should I run some type of solution through the block to clean it out before setting up my water cooling system??
Since they obviously don't clean their blocks out after soldering them, there's a good chance that there is also some flux residue in there. Water alone may not remove those types of compounds. Consider filling it up with some kind of strong solvent and letting it sit a few days. Warming it and or vibrating it will accellerate the cleaning action. I would not pump the solvent around the loop, since there's no way of telling how it will effect the pump and plastic tubing. After soaking it, flusk it in the sink with good and hot water for several minutes. Poke around in there with some pipe cleaners or a test tube brush to knock off solder beads and other debris adhered to the walls and joints.