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BeCooling's water tank and Rio pump

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Jan 6, 2001
Newville, PA
Just wondering if any of you are using this tank or pump, so far I haven't been able to find any stats on the pump other then it's 180gph. The only thing I'm worried about is that the waterblock(dangerdens) and the radiator(dangerden's cooloing cube) are copper and the tank is aluminum, if I used distilled water with a mixture of water wetter do I need to worry about it turning into a self contained battery? Thanks in advance.
I am using a 96oz glass jar myself, wondering too just what would happen if a metal container suddenly become chemicaly reactive...
To my knowledge Waterwetter doesn't prevent corrosion...what it does is decrease the surface tension of water, which thins out the laminar boundry layer that forms whenever water flows through stuff....the end result is that water's heat transfer properties are increased...

Antifreeze is the real chemical that prevents corrosion...or if you want total prevention drop a chunk of Zinc into the water tank
Stay away from this high priced slick looking pump/reservoir combo. It will cause problems with your copper block. Also the pump is weak. Rios are noisy but are available, cheap and can be modified to work inline with an inexpensive plastic electrical junction box. Please consider a high volume Danner type pump to take advantage of the surface area in your block and Cube.

My time is limited this week (second honeymoon) but I have the same block and Cube. I would be happy to help with setting up your system.
sun tea jars are larger and cheaper than junction boxes, plus the spout at the bottom is great for allowing the plug an exit :)
Yeah but you can put a cut down 4X4X2 electrical junction box on top of a Danger Den Cooling Cube, all on top of the PSU in an Inwin Q500. Not that I endorse the Q500 but it makes for a sweet, self contained package.
Hey Colin thats a pretyy good idea, I was trying to think of a wasy I could mount the tank somewhere else other then the bottome of the case, but since I don't have the case yet (I just shipped yesterday and it's a Q500) it's kinda hard to get a lay-out just yet. I'm going to petsmart tonight to look at the Danner pumps, if I get one I will probably get the #2 or the 1.5 but the #2 seems like a good choice then I can mount it in-line on the outside of the tank. I wasn't fast enough to cancel the Becooling's tank setup, oh well I'll have a spare I gues.